Zee’s Tee

If you have a boy, chances are you’ve seen that there’s not one, but two sewing bundles available to buy with some of the most adorable clothing and accessory patterns: Perfect Pattern Parcel and Pattern Revolution Bundle Up. Needless to say, I had so snag some patterns – it’s not very often that I get to sew for Easton… these give me the perfect excuse to do it!

08-regularshowThe first pattern I chose to sew up is the Zee’s Tee shirt by Tie Dye Diva. I chose this one because it has several different options for a color blocked shirt. For my first version, I used a t-shirt that was way too big (even though we found it in the children’s department, I’m pretty sure it was put in the wrong section of the store because even though it’s labeled as a ‘small’ it fits my dress form perfectly!) and cut it so that the shirt front retained the logo and design and used a contrasting fabric for the yoke. Because I’m attempting to move onto fall sewing, I decided to make this one a ‘mock’ layered tee – I used the original, short sleeve (cut down to size) and use the contrasting material to make a long sleeve. Because I went with this style, I did have to change up the directions a bit: instead of inserting the sleeve per instructions, I sewed up the yoke and side seams, basted the sleeves together, then inserted them into the armscye. Even though I did it this way, it fit perfectly and everything lined up well.

The fit is spot on, although the length of the sleeve is a bit too long for Easton so I’ll need to change that for future version. Otherwise, I’m really pleased with the way this turned out – it really transformed a shirt he loved (but was too big to wear) into something he can get a lot of use out of this fall. I can see a few more of these Zee’s Tees on my sewing machine soon.

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