Maxi Skirt Sewing

08-maxiFirst off, I apologize for not posting yesterday – a family emergency came up early (early) in morning. Thankfully it was minor and crisis resolved!

Now, back to sewing…. Do you have a person who springs last minute projects on you? My daughter notoriously does this. This time she wanted a maxi skirt to wear for picture day (today) – of course not just any maxi skirt – one that had a thick waistband, snug fitting around the hips, no flarestraight skirt. I didn’t realize that there were so many patternstutorials that didn’t fit this description. I seriously contemplated using my tutorial for WeAllSew, but neglected to take measurements (and felt pressed for time so I didn’t wnat to wait to do this when she came home from school) so I nixed that idea.

Instead, I went with New Look 6288¬†and sewed it up straight out of the package. I went with the hip measurement (even though we are proportioned differently, we’re close in size) when cutting out the size. Sewing this one up was incredibly easy – from start to finish it probably took an hour and the fit is perfect (I did take in the elastic some, but otherwise it was spot on). The bad news? She made me sew this one up very quickly (it was a rush job), but then decided not to wear it to school…… humph!