Prefontaine Board Shorts

07-shortsAfter making my first pair of Prefontaine Shorts this summer, I knew that this would quickly become a favorite pattern… so far, I haven’t been wrong. In fact it’s everyone one’s favorite shorts – my mom wears the original pair that I sewed up!

With summer just about over, I thought it was time to make a few more pairs (one for me, one for Taylor), this time I used the remnant board short material from the failed Cowabunga¬†Board Shorts¬†project. I went down one size (it fits great), added a back pocket, and used a purchased bias tape to trim the legspockets (I opted not to use more board short material as bias tape not only because it ravels like mad, it’s fairly bulky too). I love the end result (they also fit much better than my original pair) and can’t wait to see how well they work in water!

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