It’s All In The Stretch

07-comino2I liked my first Comino Top so much, I was anxious to make another. This time, I opted to make a shirt that did not have the contrasting pieces – just a solid print shirt with cap sleeves.  For the material, I used a Girl Charlee bird print that I had picked up this spring – my oldest says that it looks like an American Eagle logo…. I’m not sure if that makes it a good or bad thing?

The one thing about this finished top versus the first one is the fit… and it’s not because of the pattern – it’s all in the material. Because the bird fabric has less stretch (as I have found with a lot of the ‘custom’ Girl Charlee fabrics), it definitely fits snugger (any less stretch and the sleeves would be cutting off the circulation in my arms, LOL) and consequently pulls a bit more across the bust line (I find this humorous only because I have never, ever said, “I might need a FBA on this shirt”!).

So, once again, another cute top, but be careful of the fabrics you use – if there’s not enough stretch you’ll definitely want to consider going up one size for a better fit.

*FYI – for those that are curious about the stretch of the bird material, the website says that it is 30%, but after washing I’ve got to say that it is much less (I haven’t measured, but it has to be around 20%?). By comparison, the cotton jersey on my first shirt has at least 50% stretch.