Cheater Pants

Gaposis: [gap Рoh Рsis]
noun Facetious.
a noticeable gap or series of gaps

07-skinnies07-pants2The worst part about pants – whether I buy them or make them is gaposis. I haven’t come across many that didn’t have this issue so it came as no surprise that the Jocole Skinny pants had the same issue.

When I left you several days ago, I had made a 3rd mock up of the skinny pants (in a very, very distracting stripe) and was finally comfortable with the changes I had made: going up one size, making a large ‘dart’ in the back of the pants, and just slightly increasing the seam allowance of the legs to make them a bit more form fitting (I also discovered that the petite sizing is the absolutely perfect length for me).

For the ‘real’ version, I used a stretch woven print that I had purchased several years ago from¬†Gorgeous Fabrics. The material was slightly stiffer than my muslin material so I think that the fit, once again, looks a bit different than what I had anticipated. While it looks great in the front, I think there might be a bit too much excess material in the buttocks area (I am beginning to think it may be due to the shape of the crotch curve?)… I’m hesitant to make changes to this area because I have a feeling it may look different (again) when I use another material.

Even though I’m not completely satisfied with the backside, I’m pretty happy with the finished pants and plan on making a pair of black capris next. The thing that I like best about this pattern is that these aren’t just easy, they are super quick to sew up (I think I could make a pair in about an hour), comfortable to wear, and you can use any material (stretch or non-stretch). In fact, they are so easy I call them cheater pants because they aren’t like sewing up pants at all.