My First Comino

07-cominoBetween the cute tester topsdresses I saw blogged and this shirt at¬†ModCloth, I just had to purchase Kitschy Koo‘s latest pattern, the Comino Cap last week. For my first version, I set out to remake the ModCloth shirt – sans dotty mesh since I knew I wouldn’t be able to find any locally. Instead, I used a gorgeous tricot that I picked up awhile back from Gorgeous Fabrics and a mid-weight 4-way stretch jersey. The results? Well, let’s just say that I like it better than my inspiration top!

The pattern went together easily and I loved that the instructions gave you tips on sewing the perfect point on the sweetheart neckline. The fit is perfect on the upper bust, but I think I could have taken in the sides a bit more (putting my hands on my hips drew them in a bit more in the photo to the right). The two things that I did not think about when sewing this top: 1) all the trimming I would do to keep the exposed seam from showing through the mesh (I should have used my serger) 2) that I would need a strapless black bra to wear this top.

The Bottom Line:¬†I really like this top. A lot. My oldest loves this shirt as well and has even ‘claimed it’ for one of the first days of school… so it’s definitely a winner! Toss in the fact that it’s versatile (you can make this pattern as a one piece topdress too) and easy to sew and I think I have a pattern I may use quite a bit!

2 thoughts on “My First Comino

  1. Karen

    Beautiful! And this is the best timing for this because I was just looking for a similar fabric and pattern!

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