Imagine Jacket

07-jacket4This week I have been sharing patterns that I have sewn up for the latest Pattern Anthology collection, Make Believe and today I present the final project, the Imagine Jacket! This is a close-fitting, almost bomber style, jacket that sports two different shoulder details and sleeve styles (I adore the girl’s gathered sleeve), welt pockets, and ribbing around the wrists and waist. Now I know what some of you are thinking, a jacket? That’s way too hard, shirts are so much easier! But I’m here to tell you, this one comes together easily – even an advanced beginner could tackle this one with good results!

I chose to make my version in a mid-weight denim with black leather accents for the shoulder details, under sleeve (the sleeve is constructed in 3 parts), and collar and a fun mustache print for the lining. When making this jacket, I went with 3 welt pockets (two on the 07-jacket2jacket sides and an upper breast pocket) – yes welts. Normally that’s a word that makes people shudder, but I have to admit these were surprisingly easy because they are more like a faux welt (think large bound buttonhole with pockets attached) with great instructions! In fact, these are so easy to sew and turn out so ‘clean’ that the next time I’m making a Rigel Bomber for myself, I’m using this technique!

The fit on this jacket is closer fitting – so while it’s spot on for my 6-year old, you may want to flat pattern measure the pieces if you intend on using heavier fabrics than what is recommended or if your child plans on wearing bulkier winter clothes underneath to be sure that it’s not too snug (you may find that you will have to go up a size if that’s the case). In any case, I think you and your child are going to LOVE this pattern. I know E does – in fact, as soon as he put it on he told me that he “felt like a cool high-schooler”!

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