Presenting the Adventure Tee

07-tee1Even though my sewing pace may seem a it slow, I’ve been up to some very fun projects behind the scenes. This morning Pattern Anthology launches their new collection, Make Believe, and I am thrilled to share the patterns that I sewed up to test this grouping!

Today I’m showing you my version of the Adventure Tee. This pattern has lots of options (several sleeve styles, 2 different hemlines, button placket, and a zippered pocket just to name a few) – I chose a design that incorporated a looser fit and higher neckline, placket front, rolled sleeve, and pocket then paired it up with a ‘boy-ish’ stripe and a white jersey for a bit of contrast. Not only did the end result look great, but went together quickly as well… but of course, the true test is how much my son loved the shirt. I can definitely see more of these crossing my sewing table.

For a glance of all the patterns available in Make Believe, be sure to check out the look book below and check back all this week for my version of the collection:

Prices for this group has 3 options: Just the Make Believe Collection is $19.95. Adding the optional (ebook) activity book + collection, $24.95. You can also add the 4 previously released pants pattern to your ebook and collection for only $34.95.