Skinnies Mock-Up #2

07-skinniestestThe second muslin for the Jocole Skinnies went much better…. I could actually get this pair easily over my hips! Going up one size helped tremendously as well as using a material that had a bit of stretch to it as well (ignore the clown stripes).

Even though I hadn’t attached the waistband in this photo, the most noticeable issue with this pair is the gaposis in the back – it will need a pretty substantial dart to fix this issue. The legs are also not quite as skinny as I would like, so I think I’ll try taking in 1/4″ on each leg to start with and go from there. The third, and not surprising finding: I am a petite sizing. I went ahead and cut the regular length and wound up tucking in several inches in the photo to get them to the correct length.

One thought on “Skinnies Mock-Up #2

  1. jeanine

    When I did my skinnies I had some back gapage as well – I sewed up the back seam a bit near the top and upwards to help combat that.

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