Cake: The Tee

06-pocketsLike many of you, I’m a sucker for great details. It might be an interesting back to a top, great lines in a pant, or in this case, tiny little micro pockets on a shirt. What am I talking about? Sewing Cake’s latest (and free!) pattern, The Tee!

Not only does this pattern have some great features and tips (I’ll talk about those in a second), but it’s easy to sew making it a great beginner project…. plus, did I mention it has tiny pockets?

06-caketeeProbably the one thing that sets this tee pattern apart from others is that it’s ‘customized’ to your measurements before you even cut into you size. Basically you’re taking your measurements, plugging them into the pattern pieces, then ‘drafting’ the shapesize of your top (I use the term drafting loosely as it’s set up to just connect the dots to the sizelength needed). The other feature that I loved (obviously) are those tiny pockets! I didn’t just like how they’re stacked together perfectly, I LOVED how they were constructed: There’s a template for ironing, folks! Brilliant! More patterns should do this because it really makes for crisp clean pocket folds (she also has a great tip for keeping your pockets from stretching out of shape when sewing – skip the pins and spray baste).

I have to say that I love my finished tee. I did make it a smidge too long (I thought I wanted longer until I was finished), but I tend to scrunch it up when I wear it so it works out well. The fit is perfect and I think that the fabrics give it a fun, retro vibe (unfortunately, my photos are a bit on the dark side today). I can definitely see making this one again (and again, and again)!