Mug Rug

06-mugrugIn our family, June means birthdays. Lots, and lots, and lots of birthdays. That also means that in June, I sew a lot of presents! Consequently, the rest of this week will be devoted to some of the gifts that were sewn up for everyone! First up, my mom.

She, much like me, loves to drink her morning coffee in fun mugs. I stumbled across a ‘tattoo mom’ cup a few weeks ago (for those that are interested, I found it at World Market) and had to pick it up for her… of course, she needed a mug rug to go with it! I wound up using Urban Threads embroidery design for the center of the rug that was a pretty close to the design on the cup. To keep things interesting, I skipped the square shape of most mug rugs and went with a circle – I suppose that means it’s more of a coaster than a rug…..  Afterward, I added a scrap of low-loft batting, backing, and a bit of binding to finish it off.

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