DIY Laminate Fail

06-bib1My nephew will be celebrating a big first birthday this weekend and I decided that he needed some personalized gifts. I thought it might be fun to make him a bib that he could wear while he was eating his ‘mess cake’ and opted to go for Peek-a-Boo pattern’s Ultimate Baby Bib. I liked this particular pattern because it’s large enough for a toddler, catches crumbs, and is easily wiped clean. Since I wanted to customize my fabric (I was doing some embroidery with a 1st birthday logo and name) I decided to skip the purchased laminate and ‘make my own’ by using an iron on vinyl on my material…. this was a mistake. Do not be fooled that using this product will make your fabric anything close to the laminate you can buy in stores. What I ended up with was a crinkly, stiff hot mess. You can see for yourself (although the picture really doesn’t do it justice as to how bad it really is) by looking at the photo on the left. Terrible. Consequently, I went back to the drawing board. I decided to use a “Happy Birthday” material to make a (large) cloth bib and use the machine embroidery design on a matching t-shirt. The results? Much better as you can see: 06-bib2 The moral of the story? Stay away from the iron-on vinyl.