06-prefontaineAbout a month ago, I started seeing a few bloggers test sewing Prefontaine shorts for women. As soon as I saw them, I knew, I had to have that pattern! I was very excited to see that it was included in the most recent Pattern Parcel group (as the bonus pattern). I immediately purchased the group and printed off the pattern.

For my first pair I went with a Hawaiian print and purchased bias tape (easy!). I also wanted to be sure that my shorts had plenty of ease so I cut out one size up than what my measurements fell into….. and I discovered I didn’t need to do that. Thankfully the way the pattern is designed, you have a bit of room to adjust the width of the shorts before you permanently stitch them together so I wound up taking in most of the ease to essentially make it the size I should have cut in the first place (if that made sense). Lesson learned: These shorts run ‘true to size’ – the next pair are what I should have used in the first place!

As for the pattern itself, it’s extremely easy to sew. I did skip the weltpatch pockets on the back of the shorts so it came together very quickly (next round I’m going for the welt) and using purchased bias tape made it go a lot faster as well since I didn’t have to make my own. Overall, a great pattern for beginners, just be sure to take your time applying the binding so it goes on evenly. I intend on make NUMEROUS Prefontaine shorts this summer to wear – they’re just my style and super comfy to wear!