Just A Jersey

05-mellyjerseyLast week, Blank Slate released a new pattern for boys and I had to jump on it. Not only was it a cute jersey style, but I rarely get to sew for my son. Initially I had wanted to do his shirt in “all solids” (and create the number in the back as well), but I discovered that a lot of my stretch fabrics are pretty girly so I went with a beach themed print and a matching solid for the yoke. The results? “Meh”.

I have to admit, I’m not over the moon with the finished shirt. First off, it’s a much snugger fit than most of his wardrobe so it looks ‘different’ on him, yet the sleeves are fairly wide. I also wish the yoke was more straight across (instead of curved) and that this area was a bit longer in general.

As for sewing, it was easy to construct and the instructions were clear – making it a good pattern for beginners (plus the only hem you have to put in is at the bottom). I also like the option of being able to add numbers to the back of the shirt, which would definitely change it up some. However, I’m not sure if I’ll make this one again – if I do, I think I’ll make a few modifications and see if I’ve improved on it some.