Linky Thursday

Don’t know what to make for Father’s Day? How about a stack of shorts he’ll want to live in?

Eliminate the question, “What’s for lunch?” when you whip up one of these vinyl lunch bags!

You may want to keep snails out of your garden, but you won’t mind putting them in your home when they’re the cute ,stuffed version.

If you plan on traveling this summer, this Bowled Over bag will have you going in style. Then make smaller bags to keep your stuff organized!

Who needs a deer head mounted on the wall when you can have…. a flamingo?

A new take on little zippered bags – this one has two, separate compartments and is very easy to create!

Dress up boxes don’t have to be just for the girls. Make a set of superhero costumes (no sew even) for the boys and you’ll keep them entertained all summer!

Sew a beautiful bag by stitching together ribbons to make your own material.

Create a top in 30 minutes.

Memorial day means lots of cookouts and picnics – cover your food with these pretty bowl covers.

Stitch up a pretty drop waist dress from a purchased shirt and a bit of fabric.

This dress by Anna Maria is aptly named – Piece of Cake!

Make a maxi dress without a pattern (and a few simple rectangles!

If your kids eat ice pops, chances are they’ll be complaining about frozen fingers. Eliminate the cold with felt holders.




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