Blouse Back T

05-blousebackToday (at noon) begins the Hot Patterns Blouse Back T sew along and for once, I’m not quite prepared to start – I need fabric! I’ve been mulling over what I might do for about a week now. Do I go with a printed knit (I wanted to use a hot pinknavy stripe) and a sheer back (finding a sheer navy has been difficult) or a solid jersey with lace like this pretty version from VS?

Chances are, I’ll eventually make both. In the mean time I should really narrow something down…. and go shopping. Anyone else joining along? What have you decided to do?

One thought on “Blouse Back T

  1. Karen

    I’ve never done a sew along, but I have lots of knit fabric so I just bought the downloadable pattern and I hope to be able to participate!!! I love the idea of contrasting fabric, but I”m not sure I have any that would work with the knit I have. In other words, I have plenty of knit, but none of it would really go together.

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