Tiny Pockets

05-pocketsLast week, Cake Patterns had asked for a few volunteers to check the PDF printout of an upcoming pattern. I just happened to be at the right place and the right time and was able to test it out (it came together perfectly, by the way). Since it was all taped together I went ahead and stitched up a version since I had everything I needed on hand. While I won’t show you the finished design just yet, I will preview the most awesome little pockets that went on it. They are simply adorable and I am convinced they stitched up so nicely for 2 reasons:

  • After cutting out the pocket, you use a template (that you attach to something firm – I used cardstock) to help press under the raw edges. I think this helped keep everything very crisp, but word of advice, watch out for the ink that you use during printing – mine ‘melted’ while I was ironing.
  • Steph’s advice is to skip the pins! I don’t know why I never thought about this before because it does totally ‘distort’ your crisp pocket (especially on a knit). Instead I used a spray adhesive and plan on using this method from now on.