Pneuma Tank

05-tank1After two very successful projects using Papercut Patterns, I was excited to hear they were releasing a new line last week. Not only were they trendy and cute, but they were just my style – activewear! I immediately purchased the Pneuma Tank – I skipped getting the physical pattern and opted to go with the ‘instant gratification’ PDF version instead (it’s a bit more cost effective plus you don’t have to wait for the patterns to be shipped to you!).

While I had most of the materials on hand to make this top, one thing I was missing – Bra Strapping. Most brick and mortar stores carry (pre-made) bra straps, but finding the plush back elastic by the yard that is used for bras is somewhat more difficult. There are a few online stores, etsy and ebay retailers that can sell you some yardage, but I am fortunate, I have Needle Nook Fabrics (which specializes in stretch fabrics and bra making materials) close by (while they don’t have an online store, they do take phone orders. Bra strapping elastics run from .80-1.25yard depending on the width and color you choose). In a pinch, you could also make you own straps (which would be great if are unable to find strapping to match your bra color) – but the thought of all that tube turning made me cringe!

Putting this tank together was fairly easy, but I made one big mistake in my cutting (and I didn’t realize it until after it was almost completely put together) – while I cut the back of the bra correctly for the width, I miscut the length (I cut the wrong dashed line) so my marking for the tank back was off by over an 1″. Consequently, the back doesn’t drape as much as intended (which totally explains why my gathering in the tank wasn’t that much) and the back strap is spaced further apart. With that said, it still works, but I’ll fix my error for the next go around. Yes, I’ll be making more…. my daughter took over this one as soon as she saw me snapping this photo.

Here’s the details for this project:

Pattern: Papercut Patterns Pneuma Tank



Stretch Rayon Jersey from

Black DriFit (wicking) from Needle Nook Fabrics

Total Cost:



4 thoughts on “Pneuma Tank

  1. Sarah AJ

    This is so cute! How supportive is the bra? I’m wondering if I can run in it. I’m not very blessed in the chest area, so I’m hoping to be able to make it work.

  2. stacy Post author

    If you used the right material (like a power net type fabric or something similar) it would be very supportive! The wicking material doesn’t have much support, but will hopefully feel good when it’s hot out!

  3. Corinne

    Such a great top! I’m envious you have a place that sells the supplies close by. I’m kind of leaning towards the “instant gratification” option as well now that it’s available even though their packaging is amazing!

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