New, new, new!

05-sergerThe other day, I sat lamenting at the state of my serger. It just hasn’t been ‘right’ in ages and I dread taking it to the shop because I am pretty sure they may tell me to scrap her and get a new one. It’s gotten so wonky that I’ve found myself skipping the overlocked edges and sewing everything on my ‘regular’ machine. It was a few short hours after I contemplated what I should do, that I got an email from Perfect Pattern Parcel that I had won their serger giveaway! And the wonderful machine arrived super quick – a day later! So a huge THANK YOU to PPP for making my month and getting me excited to serge again!

Speaking of Perfect Pattern Parcel – can it hurry up and be the 30th already? I have seen several Instagram photos of testers sewing up Made with Moxie’s Prefontaine shorts for women and saw a few people commenting that it was going to be in the #3 grouping. I live in those style of shorts all summer long and need that pattern in my life. Of course, I’ve gone nuts recently with the pattern orders – I just picked up the Just a Jersey T-shirt for boys and the Pneuma Tank (I am also seriously considering the Soma Swimsuit and the Ohh La Leggings) as well as the ones I ordered the previous week.  Whew! I am going to be one busy girl – my husband doesn’t call my sewing room a sweatshop for no reason!

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