My Lady Skater

04-ladyThere’s nothing like a deadline to get me motivated to sew (and several cups of coffee). That’s right, the Lady Skater project I mentioned yesterday is finished!  Now I can see why it’s such a popular pattern – it came together super fast, fits well, and is flattering on (not to mention that it’s comfy, too).

From start to finish, this dress took me about a morning to sew up – making this the perfect garment to make if you need something new to wear in the evening. The only modification I made this round is shortening the skirt length by about 2″ and was pleased with where the dress fell after hemming (I used  1″ hem). The only thing I’m not fond of is the area where the bodice and the skirt meet up – I didn’t attempt to pattern match and I have to admit, it’s sort of driving me crazy. I’m wondering if anyone joined the skirt and bodice pieces together prior to cutting out so that it’s all one piece? I may eventually give that a try – I think that may be helpful when working with a stripe (although this Wonder Woman mash up may be calling my name next).

The Bottom Line: A great pattern for beginners and more advance sewists will be pleased how quickly it comes together. I can definitely see how everyone is making several of these this summer to wear, it’s a great wardrobe staple!

4 thoughts on “My Lady Skater

  1. Beth K

    Aaak! The Pattern Parcels are only available for two weeks! Apparently they’re already moving onto Parcel Pack number 3 and I really would have wanted the first set. Yikes!

    1. stacy Post author

      Beth, if it makes you feel any better, I didn’t get the Pattern Parcel pack with this pattern in it either – I wound up just buying this one individually because I saw so many people sewing this one up and decided I had to try it!

      1. Beth K

        Stacy, how did you go about purchasing that individual pattern? I couldn’t see that on their website. Thanks!

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