Floral Rigel

04-bomberAfter some diligent sewing this weekend, I was able to finish my Rigel Bomber. Unfortunately, I can’t wear it today because it SNOWED overnight (I was able to snap some pictures while it was still 80 degrees yesterday. Yes, you read correctly, 80 degrees during the day with snow overnight…. CRAZY). On the bright side, I’m set for when spring returns. Enough about Mother Nature, let’s get to that jacket!

When I traced off this jacket, I went with an XS even though the size chart really places me in the small range. There was so much ease in the finished jacket that I thought it might be better to go one size down. Doing this made the finished jacket more fitted which worked with this lookfabric, but it is a bit more snug in the back than what I know it should be…. consequently, I’ll try the small next go around so somewhere between the two sizes to see how it changes the fit.

Overall this jacket wasn’t terrible to sew, although the welt pocket gave me some fits for awhile. At least the the end result looks nice from the exterior – just don’t look at the inside of the jacket… the pockets looks a bit sloppy and are definitely not representative of my best work. With that said, the rest of the jacket came together nicely and the instructions were great. My chief complaint? There’s no lining. While it’s really not a huge issue, I think I would have liked to see this one with a lining – at least it would hide my hideous pockets!

The bottom line: I can honestly say, I love this jacket. It’s on trend, not that difficult to sew (I would place this in the ‘intermediate’ category, but if you’d skip the pockets I could see an advanced beginner putting this one together), and doesn’t require tons of fabric and notions to put together. While the pockets gave me some difficulties, I think I have it sorted out enough to make a successful pair the next time around…. or a really awesome faux welt on the next go around! Overall, I’d highly recommend this one – it’s going to be fun to wear….. if we ever see spring again!

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