Ziggi: The Final Look

04-ziggi1If you’ve been following the Ziggi Sew along you’ve seen a few yards of leather begin it’s transformation into a pretty awesome looking jacket… and today is it’s ‘big reveal’! For my final steps, I topstitched all the way around my jacket: starting from the shoulder yoke down the facings, around the bottom edge, all the way to opposite yoke (this not only tamed my thicker seamshems, but also kept with the continuity of all my other topstitching throughout the jacket) and omitted the snap (I just didn’t see myself needing it).

Before I get into my review of this pattern, I thought I would send out a reminder to make sure that you are posting your photos in the gallery (I have been very bad about doing this and promise to have mine in there over the weekend). Completed jackets need to be uploaded by April 17 so that prizes provided by Style ARC and Fabric.com  can be drawn. Please let me know if you have any questions. If you’re still working on your jacket, I’ll be providing links at the bottom of this post for all of our Ziggi Sew Along topics so that they can easily be referenced.

04-ziggi3Final Thoughts: From the moment I saw the Ziggi pattern, I knew that I had to sew this one up – it had fantastic lines, an edgytrendy look, and Style ARC always fits me well – what a great combination! Going in, I knew that this would be a ‘commitment’ (i.e. it was not an instant gratification project), but was willing to work through it for the sake of fashion. Style ARCs directions are pretty sparse and the Ziggi is no exception (although our posts listed at the bottom hopefully helped) – I was particularly disappointed in her description of the pocket bagsside seam zip which seemed to omit most of the directions all together. With that said, the jacket came together beautifully – the notches lined up nicely and the fit is perfect for me. It was a lot of effort, but in the end, it was worth it! This particular pattern is not for the beginner  not only are there a ton of pieces to contend with (which leaves more room for problems), but there are enough techniques that may be new to a beginning sewist that this project could become frustrating very quickly. However, I think that an intermediate sewist (especially if you’ve made a jacket before – with a lining is even better) could make this look, especially when following the bulk of our sew-along discussions.

While actions shots are always awesome, there’s nothing like checking out the lines of a jacket not in motions. So, here’s a closer look at the front and the back of my completed jacket as it sat on my dressform:


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