Line Those Ziggis

04-liningToday may be April Fool’s Day, but it’s no joke that we’re at the last step in our Ziggi Sew Along. That’s right, we’re ready to insert the lining! If you haven’t already read Maris’ post about bagging out your lining, be sure to head on over for some helpful tips and tricks (also if you decided to skip the gusset zipper in the sleeve she’ll also address inserting it now).

You may recall at the beginning of our sew along, I selected a red plaid (almost woolish) fabric for my lining – yes, I’m channeling the ’90s. On the right is a shot of my lining before it’s inserted into my jacket. As much of a perfectionist that I am, you’ll notice one thing about my plaid… they don’t match. I didn’t even bother to try. With as many pieces as what this jacket had, I figured that I would go crazy trying to get them lined up correctly (plus I’m pretty sure a ready to wear jacket wouldn’t bother either…. most companies can’t bother to line up patterns on the outside of garments!). Plus, it’s the lining, who’s really going to look? With that said, I have to admit, I love the lining almost as much as the exterior of my jacket… they just kind of fit together!

Next up this week in our Ziggi sew along: My completed look, final thoughts on the pattern, and more information about our giveaways!