It’s Not You, It’s Me

03-crownsI know I have a ton of work to do on other projects, but sometimes, I get sidelined by new, awesome patterns. I was so excited to work on Hot Pattern’s Weekender Hoodie that I dropped everything this weekend, shopped my stash, and went to work. My first mistake? Shopping my stash. You see, I went with a Juicy Couture crown French terry print that I picked up several years ago (apparently  when I was in my ‘pink phase’).  It is very pink and and has bits of glitter throughout the design – while I knew it was a bit ‘much’, I’m not one to shy away from prints so I went ahead and cut into it anyway.

Construction of my hoodie went well until I stood back and realized…. “I’m not sure this fabric is working with this jacket”. I forged ahead for awhile, until I decided to put my work up to myself and thought, “I look like I’ve been shopping at Justice” (girlstween clothing store)…. my daughter thought the print was way too much, even for her! I don’t care if it’s ‘designer fabric’, it’s bad. So bad that I had to say, “I can’t sew this one up any more.” So, why not just use it as a muslin? Even though it’s French Terry, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have as much stretch as what was intended for this pattern (I had to really stretch the material to get the pocket facing to fit) and I can honestly say, I think all that pink would turn me off to noticing how it fit in the end anyway. Consequently, this project is a wadder – not because of the pattern, but because the fabric just didn’t work – yep, it’s not you (Weekender Hoodie), it’s me (and my poor fabric choice).