Bottle Cap Necklaces

03-legonecklaceIn preparation of Easton’s upcoming 6th birthday party, I started making a few ‘treat bag’ items. In keeping with the Lego theme, I decided to make some bottle cap necklaces. If you look online, these little guys can get quite expensive – but making them is a snap (and much more cost efficient)! I wound up ordering a bottle cap necklace kit from etsy which includes everything you need: flattened caps with a split ring attached, epoxy stickers (so there’s no resin involved) and ball chains. I used 1″, round images (I purchased a Lego Movie themed party kit that had all sorts of great printables) and affixed the epoxy sticker to the ones I wanted. From there I cut out the image and glued it to the inside of the bottle cap – EASY! I was able to crank out 12 of them in well under an hour… I love easy, impressive crafts!

3 thoughts on “Bottle Cap Necklaces

  1. Sharon

    I’ve always wanted to make these! I stayed away from trying them because of the resin – didn’t know about epoxy stickers.

  2. Mary Jo

    I saw you on Sew it all today and am checking out your site. Love the bottle cap necklaces, What is the name of the site you bought the kit from Etsy? mj

    1. stacy Post author

      Hi Mary Jo! Thanks for visiting!
      I purchased them from JustBecuzBottleCaps (and worked great!).

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