My Ensis Tee

03-ensisI figured before Mother Nature decides that it might actually be time to produce spring-like weather, I had better hurry and finish any long sleeved projects (so I can wear them at least once or twice before the heat hits). That’s right. I fired up the serger and went to work on my Ensis Tee… and I’m in love with my finished top. It’s fun, trendy, and has a casual fit – I also like the fact it’s not tunic length (if you’re interested in similar style, but longer in length, I’d suggest Vogue 8950).  It’s nice to sew something that fits on the hip for a change!

So, a bit about this project: I sewed up the size small, Variation 1 and found that it fits nicely in my shoulders (which are fairly broad) and hips and the sleeve length works great for me as well (I was concerned that the sleeve cuffs looked a bit small when I sewed them, especially since my material was not overly stretchy, but they worked out just fine). I will admit that I did not read the instructions for this one – it’s a very straightforward design and everything matched up easily. I can definitely see making this shirt again – I may even play around with the sleeve length to make this one wearable during the summer, too!  Now that I’ve sampled a Papercut Pattern, I think I can easily say, “I’m hooked!”  Can you say, Rigel Bomber next?


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