Lego Themed Crayons

03-crayolaI would love to say that our spring break was a ‘stay-cation’ filled with fun activities, sewing, and movies, but sady most of it was spent with the youngest (and then later the rest of us) sick. Boo.

We did however nail down some plans for Easton’s birthday party next month. The theme? Lego. The surprising thing is, there’s hardly any items out there with Lego on them (for parties)… In fact the minifigures (which is what Easton wanted to do for gift bags) are even sold out right now! Consequently, I brainstormed some items to make and will be sharing them throughout the month. The first item – crayons! I purchased a silicone mold of minifigures and bricks (you can also find them on eBay for slightly less with shipping) and started peeling crayons while watching tv (an activity that even my kids liked).

If you’ve melted crayons before you know the rules: remove the paper, bake in a 250 degree oven until melted (the minifigures took about 7-10 minutes, the bricks 15), cool in a freezer (10-15 minutes) and remove from the mold. I found that running the mold under hot water helps release the crayons easier.  Voilá! You’ve got a fun new way to color!