03-quiltbarLet me start off by saying, I am not a quilter. I’ve tried it. I don’t mind piecing things together, but I don’t want to do the actual ‘quilting’ – especially on large projects. With that said, quilters have some awesome tools – clear plastic rulers, Wonder Clips, neat fabric markers (water and heat soluble), and unique cool feetnotions for their machines (I love my BSR for small projects). Quilting tools don’t just have to be for quilting, though – sometimes they are perfect for garment sewing projects, too. ┬áThe quilting barseam guide is a prime example. This little guy attaches to your machine foot and is adjusted to your desired width so that your stitches are evenly spaced…. which is perfect for the yoke and upper arm segments of your Ziggi!

Since I’m working with leather, I needed to avoid tracing wheels (the prongs in the wheel can leave permanent marks on your material) and water soluble markers wouldn’t show on my dark fabrics (I am not a fan of chalk, either – I’ve found that on leathers sometimes the chalk gets trapped under the stitching so I can still see it which requires me to wipe it clean… I’m lazy, I don’t want to add another step). Consequently, I turned to my Seam Guide! All you need to do is create one row of stitching, set your seam guide width (mine is 1″), and place your seam guide over your original stitching for perfectly spaced rows of sewing!