Zippered Pockets

03-pocketIf you’re following along in our Ziggi sew along then you know we’re up to what is probably the most challenging portion of the pattern – The Zippered Pocket. What makes it so challenging? The instructions are lousy. Have no fear, Maris’ post  will help clear things up and make it much simpler!  But wait, if you’ve never made a zippered pocket like this before, I highly recommend you watching this Sew Gertie Welt Pocket With Exposed Zipper  video first. While it’s not exactly the same as what we’ll be sewing for the Ziggi, it is along the same principal (she’s creating a welt in once piece of fabric, we have two. her pocket bag is one piece ours is two) and should definitely help you ‘see’ what we’ll be doing in today’s post. Plus Gertie is a great teacher and you can apply these techniques to future projects as well.

My finished pocket is featured on the left. For my version, I used a lightweight black, cotton instead of organza for the pocket window (I didn’t have organza to start with and the black cotton was the same color as my leather). I also did not lengthen my pocket length any since I had already cut my fabric(s) prior to sewing this area and didn’t have any lining material to spare so that I could recut. Lastly, I followed Shams suggestion of stitching the pocket width to 7/8″ when making the window. This gave me plenty of exposed zipper to work with, but it also makes for some seriously careful stitching when attaching your pocket bags – there’s just not a lot of material to work with to attach it to (maybe 1/8″?).

WHEW! Now the hardest part is behind us! Give yourself a huge pat on the back for putting this section together successfully and be sure to take a few minutes to admire your work before we move on! Questions? Comments? You can leave them here, on Maris’ post, or share with our Flickr group!  Missed a post? You can catch up here: