Get Carded

02-cardedSometimes social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) is a wonderful thing. I find that when designers give previews of upcoming (typically sewing) patterns, it not only gets my creative juices flowing, but I start planning for the upcoming project. The Get Carded wallet from Dog Under My Desk  was one of those patterns – as soon as she posted a prototype of the design, I was hooked (in fact, I may have harassed her a few times as to how much longer the pattern was going to come out). As soon as it came out, I purchased it and started cutting, but other commitments got in the way of me finishing it until this week. I love the end result…. and so did my daughter because she is using it now (she said it looks very Vera Bradley).


For my version, I went with the clear ID front pocket with the ruffled zippered area. It took about 90 minutes (maybe not even that much) to sew after everything was cut and fused together and all the pieces came together nicely. In fact, with a lot of wallet patterns there’s usually a lot of bulk to contend with (especially when you start adding a lot of interior pockets), but I didn’t have any problems with the Get Carded since only portions of the pockets (not the ‘full pocket’) are interfaced. The best part (IMHO), however, is sewing the front and back pieces together and turning right side out – you see there’s a ‘flap’ that is left open and topstitched in place so there’s no hand sewing necessary. Not only is that a cool technique, it allows you to slip a piece of heavyweight interfacing between the wallet to give it more support without having to contend with sewing the bulk.  I will also admit that I like the continuous loop strap as well, but nothing can beat skipping the hand sewing in my book!

The Bottom Line: If you’re in the market for a small walletwristlet that you can make for yourself, I highly recommend Get Carded. Not only does it have some clever and unique features, it sews up quickly and has great instructions which makes it perfect for an advanced beginner (I’d recommend that the individual have some sewing experience prior to working with this pattern since there are several techniques like gathering and fabrics such a clear vinyl that might be problematic for an extreme beginner).  I can definitely see myself sewing this one up again – I’m thinking it would make a fabulous present this Mother’s Day!