More Lame

02-pipingApparently, I am a glutton for punishment because I didn’t just stop at making lame (not ‘lame’, but ‘la-may’…. I just can’t seem to find the ‘e’ with the little accent right now!) appliques, I decided that I needed to make piping too! ¬†Actually, it went much smoother than what I anticipated – largely because I used a metallic needle to prevent snags and kept the handling of the lame to a minimum (so it wouldn’t fray). I am totally in love with the end result – lots of hours spent on it, but I think the hard work payed off.

Now it’s time to sit in front of the computer and write the instructions for this one up. Yes, you’ll be seeing more of this guy a few months down the road from now. Until then, I’m marking this one off my ‘to do list’ so I can concentrate on my Ziggi!