New Neckline

02-necklineAfter sewing up my new leggings, I decided that I needed a new top as well. Originally, I had thought I would make another Sunny Top, but after pairing them up together, I wasn’t fond of the look. So, after some searching, I decided I wanted to stitch up Kwik Sew 4027 – a really basic, tunic length v-neck tee (plus it was on sale, you can’t beat that!). I should have stuck with a v-neck pattern that I already own because I can say, so far, I’m not very fond of this one. My real issue is the neckline – I’ve had to re-work it. The pattern calls for the binding edges to be ‘raw’ (which is not something that I wanted in this top) – something you can’t see in the model photos. The seam allowance is also 5/8″ – which I would recommend trimming down because it’s downright impossible to get a smooth neckline.

In the end I think this worked out fine, but there’s a ‘lump’ that I notice right at the ‘V’ (because I went with the 5/8″ seam allowance with this shirt) that I’ve ‘fixed’ a bit by topstitching. Perhaps the next shirt I sew up I’ll use the raw edge look, but I wish I would have seen that in the description before I bought it.