My Favorite Pair

02-animallegsSeveral weeks ago you may have seen me mention that I purchased a fabulous cotton spandex print from Girl Charlee, only to have it shrink up in the wash (a good reason to make sure you always prewash your garment fabrics!) substantially. It was so much reduction in size that I could no longer make the leggings that I had intended. After an exhaustive search looking for something I liked as much (or more), I wound up buying more (this time 2 yards) of the blackgray cheetah print so that I knew I would have enough – even when it shrunk! ┬áSure enough, it did… a lot (after washing I had 1 3/4 instead of the 2 that was cut). Needless to say, it was plenty enough to make my new leggings and I LOVE them – they are, by far, my favorite pair I own. The fabric is perfect (feels good, great stretch) and they look very flattering on (my legs look very long and skinny). In fact, I had several people comment on them while I was out yesterday. Yep, these are a keeper!

The moral to this story? Pre-wash your fabrics (at least the ones that have cotton)! It would have been a shame to make this awesome pair of leggings up only to have them shrink to Barbie size the first time I put them in the wash.