02-mummyOh Monday, sometimes you just get here too quickly. I had such great plans this weekend to work on a number of projects, but the most I accomplished (in the sewing realm) was fabric shopping at Needle Nook, cutting out my Lolita top (which took a lot longer than what I anticipated), and helping Taylor mummify a Barbie for part of a class project… yes, that’s right we mummified her (I helped her coffee stain the fabric to make it look old – I dried the material in the microwave and got a really interesting ‘textures’ on the material)!  I’m going to chalk this up as the weirdest thing I’ve had to (help) make in 2014.

Today, I’m making sure I have all my materials, notions, etc. ready for a big snow insew in…. they’re anticipating ‘significant snowfall’ so I’m guessing we’ll have at least one snow day and hopefully a chance to work on and complete one project since we won’t be going anywhere. What did everyone else work on this weekend?

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