Holiday Hustle & Bustle

12-tree I hope that everyone had a very, merry Christmas yesterday. We spent the day opening and playing with presents, eating, napping, playing games, watching movies… whew! Of course I didn’t touch the sewing room, but I did do a few more ‘last minute’ gifts right before the holiday – the first of which was a stocking for my daughter’s boyfriend:
12-stocking He love hunting so we went with a “Real Tree” camo print twill (because we were told at the moss print isn’t as cool) from Joann’s with a bright ‘safety orange’ lining and cuff. I personalized it with his name in a brown ‘twist’ embroidery floss so that it looked camouflaged a bit as well. I think that I’ve made so many stocking this year that this one came together the quickest – within an hour!

I have a few more last minute items that I stitched up that I’m saving for tomorrow – I got a new laptop and still need to install a few programs so I can edit photos, etc.). What did everyone else get this Christmas? Anyone get new machines or sewing supplies?

4 thoughts on “Holiday Hustle & Bustle

  1. Connie Russell

    Glad you had a great Christmas. I did as well, I never did get my sewing done but I will soon. I got a few things sewing related: 2 of my favorite magazines, 3 bags of awesome buttons and a wooden spool holder. I am now in the process of cleaning up the mess:( fun fun.

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