Slow Sewing

12-santa2 Between traveling to see family for (an early) Christmas, preparingbaking for parties (and some last minute gifts), and finishing up the holiday shopping, I am now way behind on my sewing… this happens every year, yet I always say that I’ll keep on top of it! I am still working on the campfire project: I have 10 rocks stuffed (but they still need to be closed), 2 that still need fluff, and the beginnings of 3 ‘logs’. I have discovered that the logs are the trickiest – since I’m winging it I am left to ‘do the math’ for the ends of logs. I have discovered that creating triangular shapes are much easier than attempting circles. Darn geometry!

Since there isn’t a great photo of my work-in-progress, I leave you with a photo of my youngest with Santa…. He asked Santa for a roller coaster in the back yard and a live horse this year for Christmas. I had to break it to him that that’s not something he can deliver – I’m not sure that I convinced him.

One thought on “Slow Sewing

  1. CGCouture

    Aw! Those are super cute Christmas wishes! 🙂

    Yes, I know what you mean about being behind on sewing up Christmas gifts, I’m in the same boat. And this nice weather we’ve been having sure hasn’t helped motivate me to go down to the basement to sew. I’m thinking I should just get my butt down there today and see if I can wrap most of it up.

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