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Finishing Out The Year With…

12-glow The last project of 2013 has been completed! Much like Rudolph, you could even say this one…. glows! It’s hard to capture how awesome this thread is… if it wasn’t so expensive, I’d use it more often (I’m thinking pillow cases, pj embellishments, etc.). Now if I could find a stretch jersey material that had the same properties (for those that are interested, there is a luminous waterproof material that would make great outerwear)!

With the last project in the can, it makes me want to know – what has been your final item of the year?

Last of the Holiday Gifts

Apparently, the holidays throw my sense of the week off because I completely forgot about Linky Thursday and Friday’s post all together! Even though we have the New Year thrown in the mix this week, I’m pretty sure I’m back on track and am ready to show you the last of the holiday sewing… well, embroidery!


If you embroider, you may recognize that these are all Urban Threads designs…. they are, without a doubt, my favorite company (not affiliated, just a huge fan). The first is a Merry Monster candy cane holderornament that’s holding a sriracha candy cane (yes, it’s very hot). Next up, a Calligraphic Christmas kitchen towel (for my mom. I’m 99% sure she won’t use it because it’s too pretty, but I love giving everyone something handmade for the holidays). Lastly there’s my all time favorite, the Yeti. I wound up making them little stuffies instead of ornaments and did 3 total in no time!

Holiday Hustle & Bustle

12-tree I hope that everyone had a very, merry Christmas yesterday. We spent the day opening and playing with presents, eating, napping, playing games, watching movies… whew! Of course I didn’t touch the sewing room, but I did do a few more ‘last minute’ gifts right before the holiday – the first of which was a stocking for my daughter’s boyfriend:
12-stocking He love hunting so we went with a “Real Tree” camo print twill (because we were told at the moss print isn’t as cool) from Joann’s with a bright ‘safety orange’ lining and cuff. I personalized it with his name in a brown ‘twist’ embroidery floss so that it looked camouflaged a bit as well. I think that I’ve made so many stocking this year that this one came together the quickest – within an hour!

I have a few more last minute items that I stitched up that I’m saving for tomorrow – I got a new laptop and still need to install a few programs so I can edit photos, etc.). What did everyone else get this Christmas? Anyone get new machines or sewing supplies?

Skull King Minaudiere

12-skullfront Talk about a last minute gift! Even though I had bought this “Skull King” purse frame back in November (from the etsy seller, BAGSupplier), I never got around to working on it until…. last night! Thankfully, this clutch comes together fairly quickly – just a bit of glue, pretty fabric ‘scraps’ and about 30-45 minutes (there are several tutorials out there, this one a good one).

12-skullinside While I kept the exterior pretty and “feminine”, I couldn’t resist adding a “fun” interior that seemed to match the frame quite well. I have to admit, I’m having a hard time parting with this gift – the only thing holding me back is that it’s small… my phone (an LG G2, barely fits in there so there’s little room for anything else). It is perfect for my daughter’s little iPhone and a holiday evening out! I can also tell you, I’ll definitely be making more of these in the future – they’re easy, pretty, and scrap fabric friendly!

Campfire Plush

I now understand why this Land of Nod campfire set is $70… it’s a lot of work to make yourself. Not that I would have shelled out $70 for a plush campfire set, but the thought was very tempting as I was rushing to finish this present before Christmas. Here’s my final version (you can click on the photo for a larger view):


I wound up making another log (4 total) and 2 ‘flames’ to complete this plush. I really think I could have used more rocks, but of all the plush they are a booger to make and I just couldn’t bring myself to stitch up another one (I have 12 or 13 total). All in all, I’m thrilled with the way it turned out and I think Easton will be too – especially when it’s paired up with this fort set. Now I wish I would have kept notes as I made this one up – I think it would have been a great pattern for others, too!

Gifts for Others

09-bag1 Remember my totally awesome, Bigger on the Inside backpack that I made just in time for school to start this year? My son’s teacher liked it so much that I decided to give her one as a Christmas present this year (and filled with some lotion as well)! At the time, she said she wanted something similar to take on field trips – a bag that was easy to wear, fill up, and get to all the necessities kindergartners might need…. I think she’ll get a lot of use out of it (something tells me that future teachers will see this and want one too).


I also spent some time in the kitchen making ‘in the jar’ gifts. I have had almost a dozen jars stashed away for two years that I haven’t done much with so I thought this would be a great way to use them. One thing I learned? These gifts, as cute as they are, are a lot of work (and spring for the wide mouth jars if you can too). I settled on a Cowboy Cookie recipe and omitted the nuts – partly because I’m paranoid of nut allergies, but also because I just couldn’t cram anything else into the jar! After all the ingredients were piled in, I topped it off with a cow print fabric, gingham ribbon, a DIY printed label (I love these things!), and instructions on how to put it all together tied up with twine. I’m really happy with how they turned out, but now my kitchen is in dire need of a clean up – apparently I’m a messy crafter!

Linky Thursday

Doing laundry doesn’t have to be drab. Sew up a Euphloria Laundry Bag and add a little spice to your wash day.

Not sure what to make for the guy who has everything? Whip him up a Tripod Camping Stool.

Sexy, sleek, and perfect for a holiday party: Sequin Maxi Skirt.

Make a trendy fur vest – a perfect look for the holidays!

The Lego Sack is great for toys with small partspieces that need to be easily (and quickly) picked up.

If you have a coffee lover on your gift list, put a coffee cozy on their stocking this Christmas. They’ll love you for it!

Ever wonder what to do with all those fabric scraps you have lying around? Transform them into a fun scarf.

The Somerset Star adds a punch to to this pillow. I think I may need to try this.

“Keep your pants on” with pretty belts.

Need a quick gift for that ornament exchange party? This fabric version isn’t just pretty, but it’s a great scrap buster, too. Have leftover yarn? This knitted version is great too!

Traveling for the holidays? Make a seatbelt or a travel size neck pillow for the ride.

The grown-up circle skirt.

Almost a Campfire

12-logs After a little sewing, a bit of math, and lots of stuffing, we now have…. LOGS! I made two different shaped logs – similar to the inspiration photo. The triangular one was the easiest to create because I nailed the math, the rounded ones stumped me a few times (apparently I didn’t retain that part in geometry). Now I have the flames to create and I should be set – although after looking at the photo again, I may want to make one more log because it’s looking a little skimpy.

Slow Sewing

12-santa2 Between traveling to see family for (an early) Christmas, preparingbaking for parties (and some last minute gifts), and finishing up the holiday shopping, I am now way behind on my sewing… this happens every year, yet I always say that I’ll keep on top of it! I am still working on the campfire project: I have 10 rocks stuffed (but they still need to be closed), 2 that still need fluff, and the beginnings of 3 ‘logs’. I have discovered that the logs are the trickiest – since I’m winging it I am left to ‘do the math’ for the ends of logs. I have discovered that creating triangular shapes are much easier than attempting circles. Darn geometry!

Since there isn’t a great photo of my work-in-progress, I leave you with a photo of my youngest with Santa…. He asked Santa for a roller coaster in the back yard and a live horse this year for Christmas. I had to break it to him that that’s not something he can deliver – I’m not sure that I convinced him.

To-Go Box

12-boxbag Have you picked up your copy of Sew It All magazine? If so, you might recognize a favorite project from this website – the To-Go Box (aka Box Bag)! In addition to the project instructions for the bag itself, there’s also a write up on how to create a cute pencil pouch (which is also handy for toting sewing notionstools to class, makeup & brushes, etc.). Best of all, you’ll get to see me create this bag on episode 704 of Sew It All TV (air date TBA)!