Little Vests & Update

fringe Thanksgiving is just days away, so what have I been working on? Native American vests. Lots and lots (30+) of vests for my son’s teacher (I made 2 kindergarten class worth). While the garment itself is incredibly simple what killed me is the ‘fringe’. My Shape-Flex ruler really sped things up, but I’m pretty sure that I could use a new rotary cutter blade because I could only cut through a few layers at a time. Whew! It should be worth all the work to see the kids decorate and celebrate together tomorrow in class!

On a completely unrelated note: Remember my Named Laurie top? My daughter spotted it the other day and tried it on… and it fit her fabulously. So while the top didn’t work for me, I’m happy to report that it will be worn and appreciated!

3 thoughts on “Little Vests & Update

  1. CGCouture

    Kudos to you for stepping up and getting them done! I’ll bet they look adorable on all the kids! 🙂 I always avoid getting roped in to these sort of things, I hate sewing under pressure–whether it be the pressure of my own perfectionist tendencies or time constraints.

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