It’s In The Bag

11-bag4 As I was filling my partner’s stocking, I realized that everything wasn’t going to fit inside. Normally this isn’t an issue because I usually pack the ‘extras’ around the stocking in the box. However, my partner this year wants to wait until Christmas to open everything so I came up with a way to stash the larger items that won’t fit into the stocking: A gift sack.

Once again, I used the sparkle white cotton (this is easily my favorite fabric, it’s pretty and in this case reminds me of snow) and stitched out a fun Santa Rocks embroidery design on the front. I didn’t use any specific measurements for this sack, but I did box out the sides and make a casing for the ribbon (I used a leopard print so that it ‘matched’ the stocking cuff) to be threaded through and cinched tight. Best of all? Everything fits inside and is hidden so she can’t peek before Christmas (plus she gets a reusable bag for the holidays)!