Pleather Sweatshirt Knock-off

After much deliberation, tweaks, and math (for alterations), I finally finished my R13 ‘sweater’ knock-off:


For my final version of this top, I made several revisions to Vogue 8670:

1. I continued to use the same sizing, but went with a smaller seam allowance. I like 1/4″ seams when I work with knits anyway, but doing this also gave me a smidge more ease, making this look a bit less fitted (my idea was more sweatshirty).

2. I kept the two part sleeve and top stitched the seams to give it a sportier look. I continued the top stitching throughout the rest of the top as well (neckline, etc.) except on the pleather fabric.

3. Because I found the neck band to be tight in my test version of this top and because I altered the seam allowances, I had to change the length of the banding to suit my new measurements.

4. I shortened the length of this top by 4″ and added a French Terry band at the bottom so it looked more like the inspired shirt. Now that it’s completed, I wish I would have taken the length up about two more inches since I still find it a bit too long.

Final Thoughts: The stretch pleather was surprisingly wonderful to work with. In the end it is a bit stiffer that what I had anticipated, but I believe it’s just the nature of any synthetic fabric like this. Since I had made a test garment, things went together smoothly and had most of the bumps figured out by the time I started sewing. I love the trendiness of this finished top, but I can’t envision myself sewing up another one any time soon. As far as costs go, you can see the breakdown of this garment below. It was not really an inexpensive top to make, but compared to the price tag of the original ($395), I saved a ton (plus I have enough stretch pleather left over to make something else)!

Project Details:

Pattern: Vogue 8670


Black stretch matte pleather from Gorgeous Fabrics and organic cotton French Terry knit from


Total Cost:


3 thoughts on “Pleather Sweatshirt Knock-off

  1. Pam

    Looks great! I love the mixed fabric/leather trend! I am waiting for some fabric to arrive to make my own version of the Luxe sweatshirt. That and a rainy day so that I have nothing to do but happily sit in front of my sewing machine!

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