11-stripe About 3 months ago, I “Pinned” this top and was determined to re-create it. Now that I have all my fabrics together, I’m ready to settle on a pattern. Initially, I thought that I would use Jalie’s Raglan tee. However, after making this design several times, I think that the neckline is much larger that what I want this finished garment to be (even after increasing the width of the neckband, the neckline is still too big, IMHO). I also contemplated on Burda 6990 and Vogue 8670. I finally decided on the latter after seeing Erica’s version several weeks ago. Before cutting into my ‘good’ fabric, I decided to do a ‘test run’ of this pattern. I used View B (with long sleeves) and a stripe that I had picked up from Girl Charlee several months ago.

I really anticipated that this particular top would really be a muslin – I just didn’t expect that I would like it so much, but I really love my finished shirt. With that said, I’m not in love with this pattern and have several ‘issues’ that I need to work out before I make my knock-off leather ‘sweatshirt’. First off, this is not a sweatshirt pattern, it really is a fitted top. While it looks great in the stripe fabric, I need a bit more ease to give it the styling I’m after. I also suspect that the materials I’ll be using will not have the same level of stretch and recovery that this fabric does – consequently, I’ve decided to use the same sizing, but reduce the seam allowances to 1/4″. Secondly, the top is too long – it’s almost tunic length, but it doesn’t look like a tunic at all. I wound up shaving off several inches on my stripe top (it still has some length to it, but it’s a more ‘modern’ sizing) so I know I’ll have to do the same with my pleather and French terry. It also lacks the banding at the bottom hem that I like so I’ll have to work with that later on to re-create that look. The sleeves are two pieces and I hate it. I haven’t decided if I’ll redraft the sleeve to make it all one piece or work with it and just do some decorative top stitching in the end to make it trendier looking. Lastly, the neckband is too small. I’m not sure if this is an issue of my sewing (there are lots of pieces to this top and I serged them together – I have a tendency to make my seam allowances smaller than the 5/8″ that some patterns use when I serge them together), the fabric, or the pattern. Irregardless, I’m going to redraft this area before I work on my top. Whew! It looks like I have my weekend cut out for me!

Edited to add: I forgot to mention that this pattern also has bust darts. I wound up ‘taking them out’ of the pattern because I can’t imagine a dart working withlooking good with the stretch pleather I’ve selected for the front panel (the darts are also eliminated on the stripe top as well, I wanted to know how the finished top would ‘behave’ if I made this alteration). With all the dislikesissues I have with Vogue 8670, I should probably just go for a different pattern, but at this point, I feel that if I dilly-dally too much, this top will never be completed!

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