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Linky “Black Friday”

Winter is almost here. Celebrate the season with a decorative Winter Pillow.

This may be one of my favorite tree skirts. Ever.

If you know anyone who has to get around with a walker, then you know that it’s next to impossible for them to carry anything in their hands while moving. Give them place to carry necessities with this great walker caddy. Then stitch them up a matching cup holder to go along with it.

Cold feet? Then cozy them up with these snugly slipper socks.

Came home with a haul this Black Friday? Then stash some of your goodies in a Carnaby Carry All.

Because everyone loves a huggable bear.

If you’r planning on handing out gift baskets this holiday season, skip the wicker and make your own. This tutorial has 6 sizes to choose from!

Everyone could use a new little pouch. Especially when you can see whats inside!

Looking for something different to wear? Create your own high-low dress.

It’s boot season! Learn how to make your own boutique style boot socks and save yourself $40+!

Happy Thanksgiving!

11-turkey Happy Thanksgiving! I debated on posting a Linky Thursday entry today, but I figured so much of North American is busy eating turkey, traveling, and maybe taking in some “Black Friday” shopping that I thought I’d wait until tomorrow for all the fun.

In the mean time, I’ve got a turkey in the oven that waiting to be basted and rolls rising in the kitchen! I hope everyone has an enjoyable holiday and I look forward to hearing what deals you picked up tomorrow!

Stocking Stuffers

12-pillow In addition to prepping holiday food today, my other objective to send off my Stocking Swap package! I added several projects to the mix that I didn’t mention here earlier including the sugar skull pillow cover you see on the right, a sugar skull pincushion, a box bag and pencil case, another pendant and embroidered a kitchen towel. Whew!


I think, overall, the package turned out much larger (lots of stuffersgifts) than what I expected, but I sort of got carried away with the theme once I finally decided on one. I think she ought to enjoy it all, unfortunately I have to wait until Christmas for her to open it!

Cooking Class

11-class2 There always seems to be a definite slowdown of sewing during the holidays around here (the only exception would be the last minute gift sewing that always seems to happen around Christmas) and this week is no exception. Yesterday was spent helping Easton’s class decorate their Native American vests (with fabric markers) and then it was off to a cooking class! Of course, this was the best kind of class – you sit back, drink a fun glass (or two) of wine, watch the chef prepare the dishes (you can follow along with the recipes they give you), and eat! I was actually too full to even sit at my machine last night although I’m ready to ship off my partner’s package for the Stocking Swap, so I’ll be sharing the last bits of goodies that I stitched up tomorrow!

Little Vests & Update

fringe Thanksgiving is just days away, so what have I been working on? Native American vests. Lots and lots (30+) of vests for my son’s teacher (I made 2 kindergarten class worth). While the garment itself is incredibly simple what killed me is the ‘fringe’. My Shape-Flex ruler really sped things up, but I’m pretty sure that I could use a new rotary cutter blade because I could only cut through a few layers at a time. Whew! It should be worth all the work to see the kids decorate and celebrate together tomorrow in class!

On a completely unrelated note: Remember my Named Laurie top? My daughter spotted it the other day and tried it on… and it fit her fabulously. So while the top didn’t work for me, I’m happy to report that it will be worn and appreciated!

It’s In The Bag

11-bag4 As I was filling my partner’s stocking, I realized that everything wasn’t going to fit inside. Normally this isn’t an issue because I usually pack the ‘extras’ around the stocking in the box. However, my partner this year wants to wait until Christmas to open everything so I came up with a way to stash the larger items that won’t fit into the stocking: A gift sack.

Once again, I used the sparkle white cotton (this is easily my favorite fabric, it’s pretty and in this case reminds me of snow) and stitched out a fun Santa Rocks embroidery design on the front. I didn’t use any specific measurements for this sack, but I did box out the sides and make a casing for the ribbon (I used a leopard print so that it ‘matched’ the stocking cuff) to be threaded through and cinched tight. Best of all? Everything fits inside and is hidden so she can’t peek before Christmas (plus she gets a reusable bag for the holidays)!

Linky Thursday

Give your Elf on the Shelf some style this year when you sew himher new clothes!

Bring holiday cheer to any room with this whimsical Joy Christmas Pillow.

Sewing beautiful tops doesn’t have to be complicated. Stitch up this pretty batwing version in no time.

Real princesses wear crowns. Even modern day ones.

Get yourself into the holiday spirit – enter to win a Fat Quarter bundle of Hip Holiday fabrics!

Not only will you learn how to print on canvas, but you get a quick tutorial on sewing up a pretty make-up bag!

I don’t care that we’re headed into winter, I still love this oil cloth pool tote (the mesh pockets are a nice touch too)!

If your stroller, bike, etc. doesn’t have a cup holder, have no fear – make one! This cleaver little tutorial shows you how to create a laminated, snap on version.

Every year the kids look forward to a bit of candy each morning from their Advent Calendar. If you’ve been wanting to start this tradition or just need a new one, be sure to check out this tutorial – I love the little wooden numbers!

If you holiday plans include lots of family around your house, you’ll definitely want to stitch up these matching sleeping bags and pillows for the kids!

Oh the irony: Turn a hard-bound book into e-reader cover.

Give you child a comfy place to sit and read a book – a new bean bag chair.

Messenger bags are one of my favorite styles to sew up. Now you can make one for yourself and your child!

Pleather Sweatshirt Knock-off

After much deliberation, tweaks, and math (for alterations), I finally finished my R13 ‘sweater’ knock-off:


For my final version of this top, I made several revisions to Vogue 8670:

1. I continued to use the same sizing, but went with a smaller seam allowance. I like 1/4″ seams when I work with knits anyway, but doing this also gave me a smidge more ease, making this look a bit less fitted (my idea was more sweatshirty).

2. I kept the two part sleeve and top stitched the seams to give it a sportier look. I continued the top stitching throughout the rest of the top as well (neckline, etc.) except on the pleather fabric.

3. Because I found the neck band to be tight in my test version of this top and because I altered the seam allowances, I had to change the length of the banding to suit my new measurements.

4. I shortened the length of this top by 4″ and added a French Terry band at the bottom so it looked more like the inspired shirt. Now that it’s completed, I wish I would have taken the length up about two more inches since I still find it a bit too long.

Final Thoughts: The stretch pleather was surprisingly wonderful to work with. In the end it is a bit stiffer that what I had anticipated, but I believe it’s just the nature of any synthetic fabric like this. Since I had made a test garment, things went together smoothly and had most of the bumps figured out by the time I started sewing. I love the trendiness of this finished top, but I can’t envision myself sewing up another one any time soon. As far as costs go, you can see the breakdown of this garment below. It was not really an inexpensive top to make, but compared to the price tag of the original ($395), I saved a ton (plus I have enough stretch pleather left over to make something else)!

Project Details:

Pattern: Vogue 8670


Black stretch matte pleather from Gorgeous Fabrics and organic cotton French Terry knit from


Total Cost:


Naughty or Nice?

Remember that embroidery I showed you yesterday? I’ve finally transformed them into their final project… a stocking!


It’s a reversible “NaughtyNice” Christmas stocking that can be flipped around according to your mood! I think it’s a fun take on the holidays and have wound up putting togethersewing an entire package for my swap partner around this theme (I’m putting the finishing touches on it now and will show you all the loot soon – there are several projects in there that I haven’t had a chance to reveal yet). If you liked this project, I’ll be showing you how to make it very soon in a luxe velvet (with lots of tips on how to sew and embroider on this tough material). In the mean time, I think I’ll start wrapping presents – I’m definitely in the holiday spirit!

A Workout (Of Sorts)

I have been giving my Bernina quite the workout lately. This weekend I stitched up another round of NaughtyNice birds.


Its difficult to see from the photo (if you click on the photo, it will enlarge), but the “naughty” bird is stitched on a black material (I think it make the flames ‘pop’) and the “nice” design is on a white background sprinkled with glitter. Working on these totally put me in the mood to work on more Christmas items – I’m mulling over what I can stitch out for friends and family this season…. especially couples gifts. Anyone have any favorite hisher gifts they like to sew?