Linky Thursday

Now that Halloween is here, the countdown to holiday sewing is here! Need a quick gift set? Why not recycle a t-shirt into a wine tote, then whip up some wine glass slippers to go along with it?

If you’re looking for a new bag, look no further than the Kennedy.

Another great gift giving idea: A manicure kit! Guys and gals will both appreciate it!

Apparently this week, I’m attracted to feathers and fluff because I think this scrappy boa and Hunger Games inspired top are pretty awesome.

Traveling in your future? Don’t let your necklaces get all tangled up, store them in a travel jewelry case instead.

Stuck not knowing what to do with those laminated cottons? Whip up some clean mats to help keep your kids germ free while eating! What a great idea!

Another pretty pieced pincushion to stash your pins.

Revamp a room with a fun lamp skirt!

A great way to recon a tee into a trendy new top – add a zipper at the neckline!

Instead of a cumbersome bike basket, modify a makeup bag and strap on a zippered pouch instead. I like it!

Chicken sweaters. Sweaters for chickens. Thoughts?

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