The Laurie Completed

10-laurie1I’m going to start off this post by saying I had high hopes for my Laurie tee – I even went as far as buying A4 paper to make sure that I accurately printed the pattern pieces and managed to find the ‘perfect’ material (IMHO) to sew it up. Unfortunately, it didn’t live up to my expectations.

My biggest issue is the fit: While I knew to expect a looser style top, I had no idea it would be so HUGE…. even the shoulder area is too big and that’s saying a lot because I have fairly broad shoulders. Just see for yourself the amount of ease that this top has:


I will say that if you stand just right so that the material falls close to your body and don’t move, the tee looks fine. However, the moment you start moving around (and Heaven forbid, raise your arm), the shirt explodes in size and you suddenly look like a Victoria Secret striped gift box. I will admit, the photo on the left was not finished when I took the photo – I was so disappointed in how it looked that I contemplated not hemming it at all. However, after mulling it over for awhile, I decided I would attempt to taper in the sides some (I took in the seam an additional 1″ on each side, shaving off 4″ around the entire midsection) which didn’t seem to make a lick of difference in the end – it’s still enormous everywhere and doesn’t tackle the gigantic upper bodyshoulder area, but I finished it anyway. I may attempt to wear this one time, but I can’t see myself falling in love with it.

5 thoughts on “The Laurie Completed

  1. Rach

    It looks good to me, but maybe you just don’t feel comfortable wearing it? There’s lots of things I make that aren’t my style and I probably wouldn’t buy if I found it in a shop, but for some reason I make it and then feel disappointed and shove it to the back of the cupboard. I guess you put it down to learning. Have you tried wearing it tucked in to a skirt? That might make you like it more?

    1. stacysewswebsite

      Part of it is a comfort issue – I feel ‘heavy’ in it because there is way too much ease. However, it’s also way too large in the upper chest area – the shoulder seams hang past my shoulders onto my arms so it’s just not fitting quite right in that area. I think I could have gone down 2 sizes and I would have been happier with the fit.

      I haven’t tried tucking it in, but will give it a try. I think if I pair it up with some super skinny jeans it might make me lookfeel less frumpy.

  2. MC

    Skinny jeans and maybe add a cardigan that is a little fitted? The ruffles would still be show cased that way. That much work and effort for it not to make you happy is a real bummer, but when you are an artist that comes with the territory right? I think you did a fabulous job. You give me inspiration for projects all the time.

  3. Stephanie

    That’s a bummer! I like the idea of it, with the stripes not being sewn on separately. Maybe I’ll try that on something else.
    So, after several years of following your Linky Thursday (which I love!), I’ve actually posted my first tutorial. Of course, I’m not much of a blogger…(I don’t think I even have any followers!)…but it was fun to put together. Check it out
    Also, in my quest to find the perfect pajama pant, I came across this great tutorial that you might like. (Of course, it may be something I actually got from you once!)
    Have a great day! Happy Halloween!

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