Laurie Beginnings

10-laurie1After finally getting the printing issues settled with my Laurie t-shirt and tracing off the pattern (yes, you still have to trace off the pattern after you tape the the PDF together, but it’s nothing like Burda and it really saves on paper and tape), I set to work on my new top. What I love most about this top is that the front is all one piece. When I originally looked at the design, I had assumed that you would be sewing bands of material to the front, but instead you’re folding the material to make neat little bands. I wish my sewing was a neat as the bands…. I really struggled with my machinematerial on this one. You see, I had originally opted to use the ‘triple stretch stitch’ to stitch the bands in place – while my test fabric looked beautiful, when I actually moved to the ‘real top’, my machine made a bird’s nest, chewed up the material, and made a very small hole (isn’t that the way it always worked). Consequently, I decided the best option was to just use a small zig-zag for the bands which doesn’t look nearly as pretty, IMHO (my machine also didn’t like this very much either and had several places that decided to turn itself underpucker oddly that I had to go back and fix. I am also very certain that this top will eventually make tiny holes where I had to go back and fix it). Overall, I think it looks fine in the photos (and probably to people who don’t sew), but I don’t think this is the best example of my sewing.

While I love the fabric, I have determined that my machine does not – so sewing is going way slower than what I anticipated. Right now the front is the only thing I’ve worked on… hopefully before the week is out, I’ll have a completed top! For now, here’s the breakdown of this project:

Project Details:

Pattern: Named‘s Laurie Striped T-Shirt

Fabric: Featherweight Italian Rayon Jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics

Total Cost:


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