BurdaStyle US

You may have already seen comments floating around the web that BurdaStyle has finally produced a magazine just for the US. I thought that this was very timely – I’ve subscribed to the translated version for years and have considered not renewing. Why? Mostly because I find that I haven’t been using the patterns as much as what I should (and when you spend that much money, you should make what you buy, right?) – there are a lot of times the designs just don’t appeal to me andor the techniques and finishing just aren’t right (I keep thinking of their beach cover up). But, enough about the translated version, how about the new one?

Pros: It’s slick: It has a nice layout, great fashion style photography, and some nice articles thrown in there as well. The instructions have improved so that they are easier to read and references to those hard-to-find European notions have been removed. The patterns are modern and trendy, but they are nothing we haven’t seen before (see below on cons).

Cons: If you’ve subscribed to the translated version of BurdaStyle for awhile, save your money. This issue has no new content and is a rehash of older issues which I found very disappointing. From what I have read, there will be no new US patterns for quite some time so you may want to wait to purchase a subscription initially (this version will be quarterly). However, if you’re new to the magazine (or let your subscription lapse for awhile), I think you’ll enjoy the designs featured in this issue. One thing missing from this magazine that is ‘standard’ for the translated versions is a ‘at a glance’ page (with all the line drawings in one place, generally right before the instructions) – not an huge deal, but if you rely on it to easily see what you might want to make, you’ll be disappointed that it’s not there.

Just as in the translated versions, you’ll still have to trace off the ‘road map’ of pattern pieces for each design. When they release the digital version of the magazine, it will be in the same style, however, you’ll also have to tape the pages together (ugh). All in all, it’s a good effort and a great magazine to have it you don’t currently subscribe, but otherwise I’d suggest holding off unless you have a particular pattern that you wanted to sew up, but found the directions in the translated version too daunting.