PDF Woes

10-paper I finally broke down and purchased the Named’s Laurie pattern… I also decided that it was time to invest in A4 paper. While A4 paper is an international standard (it’s slightly wider than legal and shorter), it’s hard to come by here in the United States – all paper stores carry it, but you’ll have to order and have it delivered (I found that Sam’s Club is the least expensive right now as well). With the proper paper in hand, I set to work and discovered something very important – your PDF viewer is just as important.

Since my computer is shot, I’ve been working on Bret’s new laptop. Surprisingly, Adobe (your standard PDF viewer) isn’t installed, but is running Nuance PDF Converter instead. I thought everything was working fine until I noticed one page wasn’t looking quite right. You can see the difference (the photo on the right): Not only did Nuance print the pattern in double (and off center from each other), the watermark is also missing. The rest of the pages appear to have printed normally, but I wound up reprinting in Adobe and throwing the Nuance versions away. By the way, some people have found that the latest upgrade to Adobe causes a few problems in printing. If you find this is the case, check out this post.

The moral of the story? Stick with Abode. And if you decide to use PDF patterns that require A4 paper, go ahead and invest in a ream – it makes printing (with the right viewer) a breeze!

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