Marbled Ornaments

20131022_073252 If you’re a long time reader of the site, you know that I have a slight problem with craft swaps. While I haven’t participated in as many the past year (in part because of time constraints, but there also seems to be a smaller number of ‘quick’, themed swaps), I couldn’t resist one of my favorites…. The Christmas Stocking Swap. After browsing my partner’s ‘wishlist’ and preferences, I made a list of what I’ll be making and set to work. My first project? Marbled ornaments. These are wonderfully easy to make, but take a while to dry (I like to rotate mine around a lot so they are really ‘swirly’) and best of all, look really impressive on a tree. I like to package them up in 3’s because they fit nicely inside a (decorated) Pringles canister. Hmmmm, guess I had better work on eating a can of chips next!

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