10-spiderdone Have you ever had a project so messy that you have to vacuum immediately after you’re finished? This spider costume was one of them…. but at least it’s done! I had a lot of fun making this little guy – despite my issues with the cuddle fleece. I wound up omitting the contrast insert on the stomach of the costume. I had originally added it, but it looked terrible (it was also cuddle fleece) – the applique stitch matted the ‘fuzz’ in weird directions and it still continued to shed. I had tried ripping the stitches out, but wound up making a hole in it instead (see last week’s post on never making a mistake on cuddle fleece) and had to re-cut the front body section. Otherwise, this pattern went together without a hitch and Easton is super pleased with the end result.

I am now contemplating stringing some fishing wire though the ends of the arm and attaching them to Easton’s Under Armor so when he moves his arms the rest of the arms move too. I wonder what size needle I’d need for that?

6 thoughts on “Spiderling

    1. stacysewswebsite

      I like the black widow mark – I thought about doing that, too! It looks like we had the same idea with all the eyes too! I was going to do googly eyes until I found the ones I used.

  1. Rose in SV

    The costume looks great! I love the eyes and arms. I don’t have suggestions for linking the arms. But I like it!

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