10-head I spent some time with the spider costume yesterday… I started with the headpiece since I was still pondering how to tackle the ‘eyes’ and I figured that this was the more difficult part of the costume as well. Besides the fact that I punished myself with one of the messiest fabrics ever (ultra cuddle ‘fleece’), I forgot that it’s a temperamental one as well – Note to self: Never make a mistake sewing with this material, you will never be able to find your stitches and will wind up ‘ripping’ the material instead. Thankfully, it was just the inside of the headpiece (I forgot to leave an opening for stuffing) and after I whipstitched it closed, you couldn’t tell the difference (the plus side on working with ultra cuddle is that it hides mistakes beautifully)! If it wasn’t for the fabric, this headpiece came together nicely and I love the shape of the head, it’s definitely bug-like!

I also figured out a solution to the eyes… bouncy balls! I found small little balls with eyes already printed on them in the Halloween toy section of Target.


I’m using E6000 glue to adhere them together in rows (they are drying in the photo) then plan on stacking a few more on top to give them a creepy spider look. Paired up with a set of fangs to wear, I think Easton should make a scarier spider (we’re attempting to stay away from the cutsie look on the package).

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